3rd Project partner meeting in Hamburg

Last week, all eight project partners were represented at the 3rd project partner meeting in Hamburg. The meeting took place on the campus of KLU and we were able to exchange information about the current project status.

Thank you 💚 to #myKLU for hosting our joint 3rd project partner meeting on 28 and 29 September 2022 in Hamburg.
As #LandLogistik, we are thrilled that our concept idea has not ended up in a drawer, but is finally being implemented digitally and in a practical way, #CargoSurfer. #digital 
💚Thanks to the then project partners of the original project
kombiBUS Uckermark: Interlink GmbH, @Fahrplangesellschaft B&B mbH and @raumkom – Institute for Spatial Development and Communication!

projektpartnertreffen Cargosurfer in Hamburg